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On horseback... or not!

“Don’t work with animals or children” is the popular saying. But for Dylan Jones working with animals is his chosen future. Specialising in horses and preparing them to perform in a variety of situations for film, means that he is one of the very few professional stunt riders and film horse specialists in Wales.

His love of horses stemmed from his parents Jeanette and Aneuryn. Aneuryn was horse master in the 70s and 80s in Ireland, with credits such as Irish RM and later Zardoz with Sean Connery where he was assistant to Austin Gaskin. Whilst his father was assistant horse master on Willow in the 80s, Dylan at a very young age relished in the opportunity to see how the horses were trained for different situations and was mesmerised by the hustle and bustle behind the scenes. Helping to look after over a hundred horses, the dream had begun.

'Many thanks to you and your team for your excellent work, once again it was a pleasure to work with an experienced and professional crew.'
Betty Evans, Production Manager - Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince & Porc Peis Bach

Dylan studied performing arts for many years and began his degree in Carmarthen, going on to be an actor in theatre and film and earning his Equity card. Soon feeling the longing for the horses, what better way of combining his love for films and his love of horses than by setting up his own film horse business.

To date the Welsh film industry has primarily benefited from Dolbadarn’s talents. Dylan has horse mastered on a number of respectable series, including Porc Peis Bach, Emyn Roc a Rol to name but a few, and also the period feature film Dirgelwch yr Ogof, shot on location in Pembroke. Dylan was also horse master on BBC Slavery Dynasty 2004, and rode as part of a live stunt show for a number of years, gaining specialised skills as a trick rider and commentator.

Dolbadarn train the horses with safety in mind, and they have been praised by numerous film crews for the conduct of their professional staff and horses on set. They continuously explore different training methods to compliment their sound knowledge of classical horsemanship and harmony whilst riding. Their main inspirations are the Portuguese masters, and they always aim for the highest standards the horse will give. There is no rush in the training, step by step the horse understands what is required of them. In return you get happy horses that enjoy their work. The unmistakable bond between human and horse is deeply respected and enjoyed.

Aneuryn, Dylan and friend on the set of 'The Keep', 1982 with Misty

Dolbadarn Film Horses, based in the beautiful backdrop of Snowdonia can supply horses that can do almost anything a director asks for, whether it be a driving horse, a rearing horse or for a horse to lie down. Principal and background horses alike, all needs can be catered for. We also have fully trained riders, trick riders, driving horses and a growing collection of period tack and related props.

We are more than happy to teach actors the skills needed to control a horse in different situations and in whichever period style that is required.

We are always adding to our stock of horses, so please ring to discuss any specific needs. We have a few stars in the pipeline which are yet to appear on the website.

The Gallery and Horses pages are updated regularly with new photograhps so please visit again soon.

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