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Aneuryn was first introduced into filming when he was asked to assist his friend and horsemaster, Austin Gaskin on the 1974 movie "Zardoz" starring Sean Connery.

From there Aneuryn and his wife Jeanette worked along side Austin Gaskin on a number of features over in Ireland including the Irish RM.

In the 80’s, North Wales and Snowdonia in particular was becoming a popular filming location. Aneuryn was approached to supply a horse and various animals for Michael Mann’s WW2 horror "The Keep." Then more famously in the mid 80’s George Lucas brought the Feature Willow to the Llanberis area and Aneuryn and Jeanette were asked to supply 100 horses to assist Gregg Powell (horsemaster ). These horses were easily sourced from their own riding stables as well as other trusted yards in the area.

From there Dolbadarn Film Horses was born...

Dylan Jones has since taken over the business and is successfully  horsemstering his own productions as well as supplying horses for larger productions, assisting other film horse teams.


Dylan Jones

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Owner of Dolbadarn Film horses.

Horse master and rider.

Dylan has ridden from an early age  and after completing his BA/hons in theatre studies Dylan was offered work riding on the 1997 Merlin movie. Working alongside other stunt riders and the horsemaster, Dylan was inspired to take over the family business, supplying horses for film and TV.

Dylan trained in classical equitation in Portugal and then went on to train as a trick rider with Ian Van Temperley (Horsemen of the Apocalypse.)

As well as performing as a trick rider in live shows for Ian, Dylan built up his film horse business at home and worked on various small productions until his reputation grew and he started working alongside bigger horse teams such as Steve Dent and The Devils Horseman. 

Dylan now horsemasters his own jobs and supplies horses for bigger teams.


Classical rider / Trainer

Trick riding Trainer / Performer

Saddle Falls

Fire Work


Mounted Combat


Carriage driver - singe and pairs


Martial Arts


Aneuryn Jones

Co-Founder of Dolbadarn Film horses.

Horse master and driver.

Aneuryn has been around horses all his life, he started working with horses back in the 70’s when he was asked by a horsemaster friend if he could assist him on a production. From then on Aneuryn and his family ran a riding and trekking center at the back of the Dolbadarn hotel set in the lake side village of Llanberis. During the 80’s and early 90’s he supplied horses on a number of features that came to the Snowdonia area, including Michael Mann’s "The Keep" and more famously, "Willow" ( a George Lucas Film) where he assisted Greg Powell (horsemaster) and supplied 100 horses.

Aneuryn has taken a back seat with the film side of the business but still has a keen interest in the welfare and choosing of the quality horses we have here at Dolbadarn Film horses. Supporting his son Dylan and the team to strive and provide the best quality service.

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Jasmine Jackson-Lloyd

Jasmine began her equine career riding racehorses for Andrew Balding. After leaving racing she started training aerial silks and aerial hoop and then went on to start up her own business performing and teaching aerial professionally alongside managing an international eventing yard. 

In 2017 she discovered that a job existed where she could combine her two passions, horses and performing. She started training with 'Steamhorse' a small jousting and trick riding team in the southwest. Through them she met Dylan and was offered a position riding for Dolbadarn Film horses. Since the end of 2017 Jasmine has been a part of Dolbadarn Film horses and has worked on numerous productions with us.

She is trained in trick riding, classical dressage, rearing and liberty work. Alongside this she trains gymnastics and martial arts with the view to joining the British Stunt register in the future. 


Classical dressage rider

Trick rider / Vaulting



Martial Arts

Rock Climbing

Scuba Diving


Aerial silks

Aerial hoop

Fire performer/breather

Vincent Anthony

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Vince got his start in equestrian performance at age 16 at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, an indoor jousting show and America's longest running dinner theatre. 8 years of performance here provided a solid background in theatrical jousting, stage combat (both mounted and ground), as well as high school dressage, having worked and trained extensively with Medieval Times' famed Andalusian stallions. Craving more experience, Vince left Chicago for Saumur, France where he worked at one of France's premier dressage facilities and trained under the tutelage of Le Cadre Noir. It was during this time that Vince first met Dylan and joined Dolbadarn Film Horses who were filming SKY's The Colour of Magic. Since that time Vince and Dylan have worked together on numerous film productions, including Steven Spielberg's Warhorse and HBO's Game of Thrones. When not filming, Vince continues to expand his jousting expertise, having jousted in the UK, Spain, and at Renaissance festivals across America. Highly versed in medieval European weaponry and various styles of jousting (including heavy plate and competitive full contact), Vince is always expanding his skill set and pursuing his passion for historical equestrian arts.